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Nightclub Club Casanova

After a long tiresome day, it’s always nice to relax and unwind at a nightclub in Overijssel. Take your time to renew your energy, and spend some time with one or more sexy ladies. For this there is one place to be: come to Club Casanova, the naughtiest little place of Enschede. When you enter you’ll be welcomed by the most gracious host and he’ll walk you through your options. This introduction to our varied services is completely without strings attached of course. Then you’ll meet the ladies, who are all available for a conversation, or more. Visit our atmospheric nightclub area, which consists of a bar, several seating areas around the spacious main stage for live shows. In Club Casanova you and your friends/colleges/business relations can enjoy a drink, as well as the show and the company of one or more of our beautiful ladies.

Strip club Casanova

When you are looking for an evening filled with entertainment, Club Casanova is the place to be. Our ladies are agile and have been trained to perform a dancing act the likes of which you haven’t experienced before. Our ladies have been trained in the arts of pole dancing , erotic dancing and striptease. To see the act being performed is to believe the skill our ladies have. The legendary Mata Hari wouldn’t be able to perform a better erotic act. Our pole dance and strip acts are always a huge success, for every group of people. Whether a birthday party, bachelor bash or any other occasion, Club Casanova will give you an unforgettable time.

Private club Casanova

Head on to Club Casanova tonight. See a lady at the bar that catches your eye? Why not walk over and buy her a glass of champagne from our eclectic collection of champagnes? Take your time to explain to the lady what your intentions are. When they agree you can rent a private room. In the private room our ladies can make your dreams come true. Remember that our ladies are their own bosses and when they set boundaries, they are set in stone. If you cross boundaries set by the ladies, you will not get a refund and playtime is over. Rest assured, as long as you express your wishes clearly beforehand, there will not be any problem. Club Casanova is in business to make your dreams happen, so don’t hesitate to talk about your dreams. We will do nearly anything to make it happen! ABOUT CLUB CASANOVA
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